Bring Me The Horizon at Barclays Center

Bring Me The Horizon Tickets

Barclays Center | Brooklyn, New York

How astounding is it when you realise the premier alternative act of today is touring again for fall, 2022? Its even better when you realise Bring Me The Horizon is heading to New York, Brooklyn on Saturday 24th September 2022 for a leg in your home town in the wonderful Barclays Center – the ideal choice for such an evening. This Saturday evening will be huge, you'll have a pretty special month in September just wait! If you'd like to purchase tickets this is the right place, above you'll see the 'get tickets' button, press it right away to grab yours, you wont regret it!

Saturday 24th September 2022 there is pretty big alternative act happening and fans of the act are lost in the chaos of buying all the tickets as quickly as possible…its common knowledge that this will be huge and everyone is excited about this exciting Saturday of nothing but pure alternative music, hits and lets not forget the stunning atmosphere Bring Me The Horizon radiates…you will end the night feeling like you need MORE! The important fall, 2022 tour of the US will come to Brooklyn, New York to be hosted by the top venue in state…Barclays Center On Saturday 24th September 2022, to add that extra bit of essence to the night…envision yourself walking through those doors….this is going to be totally unmatched! Bring your fan buddies, you could always surprise them to tickets….the look on their face/s will be priceless! For access to this Saturday night you can simply press the 'get tickets' button on this page to book yours this instant….what an opportunity!

Bring Me The Horizon at Barclays Center

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