New York Salsa Festival at Barclays Center

Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York



New York Salsa Festival at



New York Salsa Festival

Barclays Center

Ready yourself for the epic 38th edition of the New York Salsa Festival at the famous Barclays Center on June 8th, 2024. soak yourself as celebrated performers grace the stage.

Experience the magic of Willie Colón and sway to his timeless hits like "El Gran Varón". Let the irresistible beats of El Gran Combo stir your soul. Don't miss Oscar D'León's extraordinary performance of "Llorarás". Enrich your experience with Grupo Niche's beloved "Cali Pachanguero" and savor Tito Nieves' "Fabricando Fantasías". Lift your voice with Brenda K. Starr's entertaining "I Still Believe".

Meet us in Brooklyn, New York, with tickets starting at just $40. Purchase your tickets now by clicking the 'buy tickets' button and soak in this dazzling salsa festival!

New York Salsa Festival Tickets from $40

Embark on a evening of unmatched Latin music at the 38th New York Salsa Festival on Saturday, June 8, 2024. Held at the famous Barclays Center in Brooklyn, this festival guarantees an evening filled with energetic sights and sizzling sounds and dazzling performers. Expect hard-hitting beats, passionate rhythms and an unmatched vibrant Latin atmosphere - and all for just $40!

Willie Colón

Introducing the legendary Willie Colón, a true icon in the salsa genre. Willie Colón has been recognized with numerous awards over his popular career, including a Latin Grammy. His latest album has received rave reviews and he's always delivering his energetic performances of hits like "El Gran Varón" and "Idilio".

El Gran Combo

El Gran Combo is known worldwide as the University of Salsa. With their deep history and influence in Latin music, they have been awarded countless honors, including a Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Oscar D'León

Experience the undeniable charm of Oscar D'León, often referred to as the "Lion of Salsa". With multiple Latin Grammy nominations and countless hits such as "Llorarás", Oscar continues to charm audiences.

Grupo Niche

Grupo Niche, always delivering its rich catalog of salsa hits, has been a staple in Latin music for decades. The group has received several awards, including a Latin Grammy. Their newest album has solidified their status as salsa legends. Be sure to see them perform classics like "Cali Pachanguero" and "Una Aventura" LIVE!

Other Performers

The festival will also feature popular performances by Tito Nieves, always delivering iconic songs like "Fabricando Fantasías"; Jose Alberto "El Canario", whose unique style always ignites the stage; Brenda K. Starr, Raulin Rosendo, Mickey Taveras, Bobby Allende & 8 Y Mas.

Barclays Center Information

The Barclays Center, located in the heart of Brooklyn, is a premier venue famous for hosting outstanding concerts. Opened in 2012, the arena offers up to 19,000 seats for concerts and features 101 luxury suites. Guests can enjoy an array of bars, lounges and clubs, including the 40/40 Club and the Qatar Airways Club. Contact the entertainment venue for any specific details or accommodations required.

Ticket Information

Obtain your tickets through "Ticket Squeeze" now! With prices starting at just $40, this is an event you don't want to miss. Click the "buy tickets" button to ensure your spot at this hungryly awaited festival.

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barclays center

Barclays Center

Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, 11217, US