Brooklyn Nets Tickets

Brooklyn Nets Tickets

Ever since their 1967 debut, the team that would become the Brooklyn Nets have been delivering high-intensity basketball games. Their players have played to electrifying crowds for decades with legendary players taking on the team colors. Fans explode into roars and cheers from the moment these titans of basketball hit the court and you are invited to join for upcoming home games.

Join tens of thousands of fans as they cheer on the Nets at Barclays Center. Be a part of Brooklyn’s favorite basketball team. And make sure you’re on hand to see the incredible plays, shots, and moments that you could only see live. But to catch the action, you need a ticket.

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About Barclays Center

Barclays Center is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Brooklyn. The arena is home to the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and the New York Liberty of the WNBA. The arena also plays hosts to concerts, conventions, and other sports and entertainment events around the year.

The arena first came into being in 2004 when Bruce Ratner, a real estate developer, purchased the Nets for $300 million and wanted to build a new home for the team. The building of said home arena faced some difficulty because of the potential for environmental impact and its use of eminent domain. This led to community resistance especially with the concern over residential buildings and businesses that would have been demolished to allow the construction. This and other factors led to construction delays until 2010.

But construction finally began in March 2010 and was completed and opened to the public on September 21, 2012. The first event held at the new facility was a Jay-Z concert on September 28, 2012, which was attended by an estimated 200 protesters as well as Jay-Z fans.

Today, the arena is arguably more accepted and it stands as an arena with arrangements and capacity sizes for a variety of events. Below are the expected audience capacity per events.

Basketball Achievements

Ever since the Brooklyn Nets formed, they’ve played some of the most exciting games of basketball in the NBA. Despite this, the team hasn’t seen much success in postseason play. However, dedicated fans will tell you that that doesn’t stop the Nets from making incredible games that deliver on the promise of excellent sports action on the court.

The team’s first major successful season came in 1974, just 7 years after the team was founded. The team won their first Division Title in the ABA as well as that year’s ABA championship. The team went on to win a second ABA championship just two years later in 1976.

Since then, the team has played hard but failed to recapture this level of success. But things changed in the 2002 season some time after the team joined the NBA formally. The team won the 2002 Division title and went on to land the Conference title while falling short of winning the NBA Championships. The team repeated this feat the following year in 2003 with a Division and Conference title win that year. Afterwards, the team won the Division title in 2004 and in 2006, but failed to land the Conference title during those years.

Brooklyn Nets Culture

If you haven’t been fans of the Nets for too long, you might not know about the rich culture that the team has. As with the best fans for the biggest teams, certain traditions and rituals spring up which add to the fan experience. So here’s a quick primer on what you can expect.

Team Mascot

Originally, the team mascot for the Nets, when they were based in New Jersey, was Sly the Silver Fox, who debuted on October 31, 1997. The new mascot was part of the team’s rebranding for the 97-98 season as the team formerly had Duncan the Dragon as their mascot.

The mascot lasted until the team moved to Brooklyn in 2012, which required a new mascot. And the one chosen was the BrooklynKnight, a pun on the term “Brooklynite”. The mascot was a superhero who debuted on November 3, 2012 as he was lowered from the ceiling of Barclays Center and introduced to the public. What makes The BrooklynKnight stand out is that he was co-created by Marvel Entertainment, a sister company to NBA broadcasters ABC and ESPn. And the character starred in a 32-page comic book published by Marvel and written by Jason Aaron. But this mascot was retired after the Nets’ second season in Brooklyn.

Team Anthem

The Nets introduced a new team anthem on November 3, 2012 called “Brooklyn: Something To Lean On”. The song was written and recorded by Brooklyn-born musician John Forte and is notable for the refrain which uses the “Brooklyn” chant that’s popular with fans in the Barclays Center.

Brooklyn Brigade

The Brooklyn Brigade is the name of a group of fans known for their loud chants and passion towards the Nets. The group was founded in November 2012 by Nets fan and Brooklyn native Udong Edemeka. Udong noticed that the team lacked a solid fan base in their new home. So he purchased tickets for a small group of 20 or so fans who became regular followers of the team. They were noticed and talked about on the SB Nation online blog.

Udong had to settle for seats in the nosebleed area since he purchased seats where he could. Eventually, Udong met with the CEO Irina Pavlova who grew fond of the group’s energy and antics. Eventually, this led to the team assigning seats to the Brigade in Section 114 of the Barclays Center, placing it adjacent to the Press Booth. This gave the Brooklyn Brigade regional recognition and eventual national fame.

The team recognized the energy that the Brigade gave fans and players alike, and members of the Brigade have become as much a part of the experience as the game itself.