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Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York



Janet Jackson & Nelly at



Janet Jackson & Nelly

Barclays Center

Yo, Brooklyn! Get ready to drop it like it's hot (again) because the Barclays Center's about to host the most musical earthquake on July 10th that'll make the Statue of Liberty do the robot. That's right, the one and only Janet Jackson, Queen of Pop royalty, is teaming up with hip-hop OG Nelly for a night that'll melt the concrete jungle. Think strobe lights hotter than Coney Island in August, basslines deeper than the East River, and enough star power to blind Wall Street bankers.

This here is a Brooklyn throwdown where nostalgia meets fire and dance floors become lava. So grab your glowsticks, dust off your throwback jerseys, and prepare to scream louder than a subway train at rush hour. July 10th, Barclays Center, Janet and Nelly. Don't sleep on this, Brooklyn, or you'll be stuck with FOMO harder than a freshman trying to do the worm. Get them tickets now!!!

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In 2023, Janet Jackson and Ludacris completed a fruitful tour titled "Together Again." The Queen of Pop is reviving it after its smash hit success, and this time she's enlisting the help of Nelly, one of hip-hop's royalty and OGs. Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Brooklyn, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, and New Orleans are just a few of the 35 amazing stops along the way for this fantastic tour before its climax on July 30th in Phoenix, AZ's Footprint Center.

This tour has so much to offer: Experience the enchantment of a musical realm where two of the hottest legends around, from hip-hop to pop, converge in a mesmerizing exhibition of rhythm and dance moves that will slice harder than a ninja. Imagine the Barclays Center bouncing to pulsating bass and dance routines timed to swaggering raps.

Janet Jackson is the undisputed queen of pop music. She has a voice as smooth as silk and a stage presence that captivates audiences worldwide. Her iconic dance moves, and powerful performances have solidified her status as a true legend in the industry. With hit songs like "Rhythm Nation" and "Together Again," Janet Jackson's music has stood the test of time and continues to inspire generations of artists. There's no substitute for seeing her perform live, her precision, enthusiasm, and boundless energy have made her a true artist.

Conversely, Nelly is one of hip-hop's OGs, whose rhymes are just as hot. His effortless charm and flow have captivated audiences for decades, and his live performances never fail to excite. Get ready to let loose, cheer when your favorite song comes on, of which there will be many, and immerse yourself in Nelly's performances.

So, this is your final chance to witness two legends shower you with enough nostalgia to last you a year, and then some. You'll feel every beat and go back to a time when you first heard "EI" blasting through the radio all those years ago. Everyone is going to want to be there, so before someone else does, go ahead and click the "Get Tickets" button so you may experience all this musical ecstasy for yourself!

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