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It's a bird? It's a plane? It's a manda-pop alien! The Big Apple goes intergalactic as the Chinese pop star Joker Xue descends from the galaxy to bring the Extraterrestrial World Tour to the city of New York on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at Barclays Center. Joker Xue has performed across the globe since the start of the tour in 2021 to present the unique music of Mandarin pop as he crashes the foreign stages with his gutsy but relieving musicality. Racking an immense fame in China, Joker Xue goes global as he leaps further into the atmosphere with his catchy music. Known for his hit songs Actor, The Gentleman, Just Right, and A Few Miles, a night of pure music is on hand for fans to see. Call the galactic patrols because Joker Xue will be an extraterrestrial threat as his music goes beyond the human senses, bringing the musical cosmos to the fans who love him the most. Mark the dates and grab your tickets now!

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A celestial body is giving the Brooklyn fans a musical party as the Chinese pop star Joker Xue brings the Extraterrestrial World Tour to the Big Apple on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at Barclays Center, New York City. The cosmic entities will surely approve of this musical treat as Joker Xue goes beyond the galaxy to bring a universal type of Mandarin pop music to New York City.

Joker Xue is a singer-songwriter in the Shanghai region of China who made his name with his unique music style and beats. Debuting in 2006, Joker Xue put an effort into his craft as he produced songs of different genres, diving into the classical pop genre with tunes of R&B and acoustic beats. As one of the most streamed Chinese artists on Spotify, Joker Xue will never defy as he goes around the world to highlight his musical rights to foreign fans.

As the Extraterrestrial World Tour had its first stage in 2021, Joker Xue will fuel another banger performance as he goes global to highlight his unique music on foreign media. The tour will have its stop in the boroughs of Brooklyn as he puts everyone on the feels with his musicality. Featuring his album Alien From the Sky, Joker Xue will also put grace on his iconic hits as he performs songs including Actor, The Gentleman, Just Right, and A Few Miles. Inspired by his song Extraterrestrial, there will be no denying a musical masterclass, Joker Xue will show on the stage.

“The artist will transform into an interstellar executive who descends from an alien planet and is ordered to destroy the earth. On the eve of the destruction of the earth, he is inspired by the beauty of mankind and gives up his identity as extraterrestrial to become human”, the press release said on the motif of the show highlighting the manda-pop prowess of Joker Xue.

The Extraterrestrial World Tour will be witnessed in Barclays Center, with Joker Xue leading the border. A multi-purpose arena with studded facilities, great production, and the perfect setting for concert events, it will be the home of the Manda-pop experience as the 19,000 fans gather for an all-out music haven sold by Joker Xue in the end. Grab your tickets now!

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